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Maparon Ifrit anal plug There is unevenness with wart with a special pedestal liquid silicon 6.6cmx21.5cm

Maparon Ifrit anal plug There is unevenness with wart with a special pedestal liquid silicon 6.6cmx21.5cm

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[Product specification]: The tip diameter is about 1.9cm, the maximum diameter is 6.6cm, the length of the insertion part is about 20.2cm, and the overall length is about 21.5cm. * Please be sure to check the size before purchasing, which can be used for beginners to advanced users.

[Special design]: The diameter of the tip is small, it is rounded and does not damage the skin, so you can easily insert it. The whole is like a bent tentacle, and when you use it, you can squeeze in all the sexual zodians, bring the experience of being invaded by the tentacles. 。 The surface of the insertion part has a wave -like irregularities and wart projections, so when inserted, the pleasure of spoiled is constantly springing up and it is likely to become addicted to the diameter gradually. You can also enjoy a sense of extension.

[Mixed color specification]: This product is not a simple gradation, but a mixture -colored specification, so it has a sufficient sense of luxury as a viewing and gives a strong visual stimulation. When using it, it looks like a delusional creature, and it gives a more feeling. * Please note that the pattern cannot be controlled by adding colors and mixed colors.

[Special sucker]: The pedestal is designed like a crown, and once inserted to the end, the protrusions can squeeze around the perineal or holes, and a more stimulating feeling is attacked. It has a powerful sucker, so you can fix it firmly to the ground by putting it on a smooth surface, so you can easily use it alone, releasing both hands and enjoying various positions.

[Luxury material]: The high -quality liquid silicon material has exquisite flexibility, less burdensome on the inside, and is easy to use, and can be cut even when bending or pulling. The durability is excellent. There is no strange smell, and it feels full!

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