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TaRiss's 2 Piece Set Anal Beads with Tail "Horse Tail"

TaRiss's 2 Piece Set Anal Beads with Tail "Horse Tail"

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Product specifications:
S: The tip is about 2.5cm, the maximum diameter is about 5cm, and the total length is about 30cm.
M: The tip is about 2.5cm, the maximum diameter is about 6cm, and the total length is about 31.5cm. L: The tip is about 2.5cm, the maximum diameter is about 7cm, and the total length is about 32.5cm.
1 anal bead + 1 tail part, total 2 piece set. Anal plugs are available in three sizes, S, M and L, and can be used by many people. *The diameter from the tip to the second bead is the same regardless of the size, but please understand that the diameter after that is different.

Special design:
The tip is pointed and the diameter is only 2.5 cm, so even beginners can easily insert it, and the next part has a spiral unevenness, so if you continue to insert it, the unevenness is strong and you can rub the hole. , you can enjoy an indescribable sense of stimulation. The 3 beads, which gradually increase in diameter from the middle, give you a sense of gradual expansion, while at the same time giving you a thrilling sensation. It is very convenient because you can immediately check what size it is just by looking at it.

Many uses:
1. Not only can it be used as a normal anal plug, but if you put it all in and pull it out at once, it will bring you an indescribable pleasure.
2. The anchor-shaped pedestal fits snugly against the curve of the buttocks, so you can sit with it inserted without discomfort, and it can also be used for going out.
3. After attaching the tail to the rear, it can be used as a tail anal plug. When used with the tail, you can transform into a sexy fox while expanding, and enjoy the visual and physical stimulation at the same time.
4. Designed with a combination of various unevenness such as beads and spiral unevenness, you can experience various stimulation with one product.

Luxury materials:
The anal plug uses a liquid silicone material that has exquisite flexibility and elasticity, so it is comfortable to use with less strain on the inside. The tail part is made of faux fur, so it is fluffy and comfortable to the touch, and does not have a strange smell, so it will not make you feel uncomfortable while using it.  

About the tail:
It is very easy to attach to the anal plug by aligning the screw on the tail with the back end of the plug and turning it. There are no bones in the tail, so you can clean it directly and feel more clean! The tail itself can be used in combination with "anal beads with tail", "five tail anal beads" and "tora tail", so you can satisfy various needs with various combinations.


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