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TARISS'S 3 -piece set Inflatable pad Sex Pillow Pillow Pillow Inflate Heart -type water drip -shaped hole A multi -purpose position conversion

TARISS'S 3 -piece set Inflatable pad Sex Pillow Pillow Pillow Inflate Heart -type water drip -shaped hole A multi -purpose position conversion

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Size: Heart -shaped pillow: air injected size: The length is about 420mm, the width is about 450mm, and the height is about 270mm. Water -shaped pillow: The length is about 310mm and the height is about 220mm. 1 heart -shaped pillow+1 water droppayer+1 point of pump, 3 points in total. It handles two colors, pink and purple, so you can choose your favorite color. * Please note that it will be shipped in a state where the air is missing when shipping. In addition, it is better to wash the pump before using, as the surface of the pump may have oil.

Special design: Heart -shaped, water, and two pillows that have different shapes can be used for applicable parts, such as the waist, neck, depending on the shape. I am satisfied with various needs. If you put your pillow under your waist or on your neck, your body will be naturally stretched, relaxing your elaborate body and recovering from fatigue, but also reduces the burden in bad posture, and keeps sitting with pregnant women for a long time. Ideal for those.

Various uses: Not only used as a pillow, waist pillow, foot pillow, etc., but also when you have sex by raising your waist or buttocks, you can invade your opponent more deeply, and you can enjoy many positions comfortably, and as a sex pillow. Also can be used. In addition, there is a hole on the pillow surface, and it can be used by fixing it into a hole such as a vibrator or onahor, which gives an exquisite experience.

Inflate type: Unlike a sponge pillow, it swells when air is injected with a pump, so it does not deform even if used for a long time, and has excellent durability. In addition, it is easy to store and carry it because it is folded when the air comes off.

Luxury material: The surface of the pillow is adopted with a flock, so it is a PVC material at the same time, and it is easy to clean without sweating. Even if you stand on a pillow where the load is sufficient and swelled, it will not break!

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