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TaRiss's 5 anal beads Tail

TaRiss's 5 anal beads Tail

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High quality material:
balls are made of liquid silicone. They are soft and elastic. No smell. Compared to metal balls, they are lighter. Comfortable during use.

Special Designs:
1)The product is a 5-bead design. More convenient to use.
2) balls are becoming increasingly larger. Easier for beginners to use and control the number of balls entering the anus.

1) Games - Enjoy the fun of laying a few "eggs" yourself.
2) 5 beads - Enjoy the strong stimulation when you immediately pull the entire 5 beads out of the anus.

Strong stimulation:
the product is long enough to stimulate your erogenous zones. The lower part of the product provides enough space for adjustment. balls do not slip out of the anus easily after insertion.
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