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TaRiss's 6-Piece Anal Suction Pump “Creepy“

TaRiss's 6-Piece Anal Suction Pump “Creepy“

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Product specifications:
Dedicated cylinder: Diameter is about 5.9 cm, the outer diameter of the rim is about 7.4 cm, and the height is about 8.9 cm. Anal Plug: Different shape but same size 2.4cmx15cm. The length of the dedicated hose is about 43.1 cm, the width of the main pump is about 17 cm, and the height is about 23 cm. 3 anal plugs + 1 dedicated cylinder + 1 dedicated hose + 1 body pump, total 6 pieces set. This product is for advanced anal users and should not be used by beginners.

Special Design:
Anal sucking is sucking up the anus with tremendous suction power. Insert the insertable part into the anus until the rim of the cup is in close contact with the surrounding skin, then press the pump and it will be in that space. When the air is released, the suction power becomes stronger in a vacuum state, and by sucking up the anal, you can feel the pleasure of being sucked into the anal, giving you an unprecedented experience. If you suck one by one and collect blood flow, your sensitivity will increase and it feels good.
Many uses:
Unlike other suction products, this product does not require you to loosen your anus before use, and you can use it directly by attaching the anal plug to the special cylinder, which not only makes it more convenient, but also expands it. You can also enjoy the stimulation of suction at the same time. There are three plugs with different shapes, and I am very satisfied because I can enjoy the feeling of three types of insertion.

Ease of use:
Since the cylinder has a check valve, even if the hose is removed from the cylinder while it is still sucked, it will keep the suctioned state and give you a constant feeling of pleasure. You can also use them in combination. Unlike similar products that pump from the bottom to the top, it can be used easily by people with weak strength such as women because it can suck air when squeezed inward. Moreover, the pump also has a pressure gauge, so you can see how much it is holding up for you.

High-quality materials:
The cylinder and pump are made of high-quality ABS material, so they are hard enough and can be used safely without breaking easily. The hose and anal plug are made of silicone, which is soft and does not damage the inside, and it is comfortable to use without creases even when the hose is bent. The entire cylinder is clear, and the anal is pulled out and you can observe the rising state well, and you can feel the indescribable feeling of exhilaration.
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