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TARISS'S 9 Points San Ran Gear Set (5 -piece set Sunran device+ Umarel 4 -piece set)

TARISS'S 9 Points San Ran Gear Set (5 -piece set Sunran device+ Umarel 4 -piece set)

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TARISS'S 5 -piece set Sunran device (颜 color)

Product specification: Sunran device: The tip diameter is about 3cm, the maximum diameter is about 5.3cm, and the total length is about 22.5cm. Egg: The maximum diameter is 3.6cm and the total length is about 5.4cm. The weight is about 43g. Sanran device+1 point+1 point+egg+egg (3 gold and black 3 points) in total. * Please be sure to check the size before purchasing.

Special design: Unlike other sunlan vessels, the tip does not use a horny shape, but it is easy to insert in a form -like form, so the tip becomes slightly thinner, so the eggs are used from the tip. It is easy to get out and you can feel the stimulus that can not be said and cannot be said. It is also called Sunran device, but it would be more appropriate to plant eggs than a sun lanplay that excreted eggs from inside. The sense of immorality is irresistible with the extraordinary experience of being planted.

Many usage: 1. Unlike ordinary sun run vessels, the lid and pump are attached, so it does not need to be pushed in the egg with a stick, and the eggs are pushed out vigorously to inject air, and you can enjoy a transcendental pleasure. Masu. (Please check the product diagram for how to use it.) 2, if you remove the lid and metal ring, you can use it like a normal sun run, so it can be used for beginners or those who have a sense of resistance to new usage. It is very convenient to do. Of course, you can also have a sun lanplay that excretes eggs independently in anal.

Luxury material: Both eggs and sun run vessels are produced in high -quality platinum silicon, so it is soft and does not hurt inside, and it has a smooth feel without stickiness on the surface. It is comfortable to use without being. In addition, even if it is excreted or pushed in with a solid egg, the egg will not break and you will be satisfied with all the needs.

Note: 1, it is recommended that you put eggs in a sunran bowl, insert the rubber inside the whole with the rubber on the whole, because there is a ken that you can not get for the first time. 2. If you don't want to use rubber, how about using gelatin eggs? 3. Before using it, check if the egg can be pushed out by air injection. 4. Penetration may not be possible to inject the air well, but keep pushing the pump without rushing.

How to use and use air and use: 1, before use, wash well and clean with alcohol. 2. Put the ring on the sunran vessel up, cover it, and then push the ring again. Please check if the lid can be fixed firmly. 3. Twist the air valve counterclockwise and then insert the pump injection needle into the lid. 4. Apply plenty of lotion inside the egg and sun run. 5. Put the eggs from the tip of the sun run. Adjust the eggs put in by pressing the sun run. * There are some situations where it is difficult to put in, but it is not a defective product, so please put it slowly. 6. Once adjusted, twist the air valve clockwise and then slowly insert it into the anal. (Because there are individual differences, please do not overdo it if you can not insert it.) 7, press the pump and push the egg out by air injection. If you use it as a normal sun run, remove the lid and the metal ring, and put the eggs from the rear end. 2. There is no need to push in with a stick, and if you push 3 or more eggs, the eggs in front will be pushed out.

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