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TARISS'S Anal Bead 6 Beads Ring Anal Development Silicon Gold

TARISS'S Anal Bead 6 Beads Ring Anal Development Silicon Gold

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Product specifications: Beads: Beads are about 2.3cm, 2.8cm, 3.3cm, 3.8cm, 4.3cm, 4.8cm, ring diameter about 1.7cm, overall length is about 37cm. Bud -shaped: Beads are about 2.8cm, 2.8cm, 3.3cm, 3.8cm, 4.3cm, 4.8cm, the ring is about 1.8cm, and the total length is about 43cm. Oval: Beads are about 2.2cm, 2.8cm, 3.3cm, 3.8cm, 4.3cm, 4.8cm, the ring is about 1.8cm, and the total length is about 42cm. The shape of the beads and the diameter are different, so be sure to make a very product specifications before purchasing. * It is not a set sales.

Differences from old products: Unlike old -fashioned products, 6 beads, which have a deeper diameter, gives you a different feeling of insertion, and at the same time you can expand little by little and have a feeling of irritating stimulus. You can taste it. 2. The diameter of the beads is small and can be used easily by beginners.

Various use: 1, if you put all of them at once, you can apply to sun lamp ray, which is irresistible. In addition, if you pull the beads if you pull it without worrying that you can not discharge it, you can use it more. 3. The ring is soft and can be bent by the buttock line, so it can be used at all times without any discomfort even if you go out while putting it on.

Beads: Beads are open between beads, so you can adjust the length of the insert and the number of beads depending on your situation. 6 Beads, when putting in one after another, it is pleasant to bring a lot of satisfaction as usual.

High -quality material: High quality liquid silicon is adopted, so the surface is not sticky and the inside does not hurt and it is comfortable to use. Moreover, it is so soft that it can be bent, and it is durable without cutting no matter how it bends.

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