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TARISS'S Anal plug Anal Development Gourd with unevenness Yellow Blue

TARISS'S Anal plug Anal Development Gourd with unevenness Yellow Blue

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Product specifications: S: The tip diameter is about 4.7cm, the maximum diameter is about 6.2cm, the sucker diameter is about 7.6cm, and the total length is about 14.3cm. The weight is about 280g. L: The tip diameter is about 5.1cm, the maximum diameter is about 7cm, the sucker diameter is about 8.2cm, and the overall length is about 16.2cm. The weight is about 406g. Since S and L are available in two sizes, you can select the applicable size depending on your own situation. * Be sure to check the size before purchasing.

Special design: The whole is as thin as a gourd and thicker, so you can not only feel a different feeling of insertion, but also feel the stimulus that contracts and spreads. In addition, the tip is sharp, it is easy to insert and not only can be used easily, but also the surface of the insertion portion has a wave -like irregularities, so when inserted, the unevenness may be strongly frustrated. Even more pleasure comes out. Moreover, because the waist was tied, it was easy to get out of it when inserted!

Night lightning: If you illuminate the product for more than 10 minutes by lighting, it is a night light specification that can emit light in a dark place. When you use it, you can see a screen where the glittering plug is put in and discharged, bringing you to an unprecedented visual stimulation. It is not dazzlingly bright and you can enjoy the product comfortably. And the longer the time to illuminate, the brighter. * If you illuminate with lighting, you can repeat the lights and emit light, which is easy on the environment.

Luxury material: Because the liquid silicon material is adopted, it is soft and does not damage inside, and it is comfortable to use with a low burden on the inside even if it is attached for a long time. The whole is a mixture of pink, blue and three yellow colors, and is full of luxury and excellent appreciation. * It is a product produced by adding color to the raw material, and the pattern cannot be controlled. Please understand.

With a suction cup: By pressing on a smooth surface by the suction cup specification, you can fix it and release both hands and use it easily. Moreover, since there is no gap between the insertion part and the sucker, even if you insert it at once, it will not be sandwiched between the inside and you can use it.

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