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TaRiss's Caesar Anal Plug

TaRiss's Caesar Anal Plug

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With volume:
Not only the diameter but also the length is sufficient, so you can experience an unprecedented feeling of expansion and penetration, and you can feel the pleasure that fills your whole body. In addition, it has a tight waist, so even if you put it in for a long time, it will not affect the shrinkage of the hole, so you can feel safe!

Special design:
The rhombus-like tip makes it easier to insert than other shapes, and at the same time, it does not come off easily once inserted, making it easier to enter later. There is an annular groove in the middle, and there are bumps and dents that float out. , You can fully enjoy the pleasant feeling that the meat wall spreads little by little.

With suction cup:
It has a strong suction cup that can be firmly fixed when pressed on a smooth surface, freeing both hands and making the product easier to use. Unlike the old product, the width and thickness of the suction cup have been increased, so it is comfortable to use without damaging the skin even if you swallow it all or take it out violently.

Luxury materials:
Unlike ordinary silicone, the material has exquisite flexibility and elasticity, so it can be stretched longer when pulled, giving you a new experience while not giving you a strange feeling of pressure. The supple texture is similar to the feel of the skin, and the feeling of use is

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