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TaRiss's Devil's Seed Anal Plug for Going Out

TaRiss's Devil's Seed Anal Plug for Going Out

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Size: S: The maximum diameter of the anal plug is about 5.4cm, the overall length is about 10.7cm, and the weight is about 160g. M: The maximum diameter of the anal plug is about 6.4cm, the overall length is about 12.3cm, and weighs about 245g. L: The maximum diameter of the anal plug is about 7.4cm, the overall length is about 13.8cm, and weighs about 362g. XL: The maximum diameter of the anal plug is about 8.4cm, the overall length is about 15cm, and weighs about 511g. XXL: The maximum diameter of the anal plug is about 9.4cm, the overall length is about 16.4cm, and weighs about 696g. The size of the plug fixing belt is the same, but there are five anal plugs, so be sure to check the size before purchasing.

Adjustable: The belt can be adjusted, so you can adjust the length with an adjuster and have no limit to the size and can handle any body type. Unlike pants -type products, it is good to wear well without stuffiness even in summer.

Special design: The insertion part is not a circular beads, but an elliptical bead that leans a little to the right. It feels good that the pleasure comes from the back. The diameter of the waist is small, and it can be used comfortably without affecting the contracement of the holes even if it is applied for a long time. In addition, a stainless steel ball is built in the can be inserted, and when using it, the ball may hit the inside due to movement, so you can enjoy the pleasure of scratching your head.

For going out: Fits perfectly on the hips on the anchor pedestal, not only has a sense of incongruity even if you sit while wearing it, but also use it in combination with a belt, it is more difficult to get out and it is ideal for going out. In addition, compared to old products, the plug is not fixed to the belt, but can be removed and used alone, making it more convenient for use and cleanliness, and can be satisfied with various needs.

Luxury material: The anal plug has an exquisite flexibility and does not give a strange feeling of oppression because of the adoption of high -quality liquid silicon, so it has sufficient elasticity, and it can be easily cut even when pulled. Let's use it without any. Moreover, the belt is made of nylon, light, less burdensome on the body, and gentle on the skin.

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