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TaRiss's Eel Plug II

TaRiss's Eel Plug II

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High quality material:
unlike traditional silicone, it is made of liquid silicone. It is good in flexibility and softness. It is stretchy and comfortable to use. No smell. Safe to use.

Design improvements:
1) The dildo is thinner in the middle part.
2) More bumps and waves on the surface to increase friction pleasure.
3) The design of the anchor base is more comfortable to wear when playing outdoors.

Special design:
for beginners, the sharp tip is easier to insert. Safe and convenient to use. At the root it is thinner. Not easy to slip out after insertion.

Enough length:
it is long enough to reach the rectum. Its thickness also gives you a satisfying experience in stretching. Please make sure you are in good condition before using the product.
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