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TARISS'S Hayaturi penetrating anal plug onaho

TARISS'S Hayaturi penetrating anal plug onaho

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[Product specification]: The outer diameter of the tip is about 3.5cm and the inner diameter is about 1.8cm. The maximum outer diameter is about 6cm, the maximum inner diameter is about 3cm, and the overall length is about 11.5cm. It has a sufficient size, so it can handle intermediate to advanced users. * Please be sure to check the product specifications before ordering.  
[Special Design]: The insertion portion is like a hayaturi, so the tip is thin and easy to insert, and you can feel a sense of expansion that is gradually becoming thicker. The surface has a vertical unevenness like a hayaturi, so when inserting, not only has a different feeling of insertion, but also the unevenness can pressure and stimulate the inside, and there is a pleasure that can not be said. It will spring from the back. In addition, it is a design with a labeled design, so if you insert it, it does not easily come out.

[Various use]: It can be used in combination with various goods depending on the penetration type, and there are many uses. 1. If you insert the plug and then pour water with an enema shower, you can clean it in the back. 2. If it is difficult to insert a long anal plug, it is easier to insert it if you use a penetrating anal plug first and insert it through a long plug through it. 3. The interior of the penetration is like Onaho, the unevenness is attached and the inner diameter is appropriate, and the penis can be used as Onaho. In addition, it is possible to use it as well as one person. One person can use the penis to the penis with the plug inserted into the anal or the vagina, and then move the penis and then move, so let's enjoy a transcendental experience. 4. When using, the inside of the anal and the vagina is clearly visible and is recommended for observation.
[Luxury material]: Unlike the old products, this time it uses a liquid silicon material, so it can be used for various people with soft and low burden on the inside. The middle part has a sufficient thickness, so you can experience some extension without worrying that it is too soft to expand well. * Compared to hard silicon, it is not so strong, but it is recommended for those who are not good at hard silicon.

[Power]: The lower part is a pedestal specification, so it can be used not only on the ground, but also for swallowing. Even if the pedestal is soft and inserted, it does not hurt into the buttocks and can be applied for going out. * Please note that it is not a sucker.
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