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TARISS'S Polyps Anal Vibe Up and Bottom Piston 7 Types Extensions and Vibration Mode Remote Shalling Code Silicon Pink

TARISS'S Polyps Anal Vibe Up and Bottom Piston 7 Types Extensions and Vibration Mode Remote Shalling Code Silicon Pink

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[Product specification]: The tip diameter is about 4.2cm, the maximum diameter is about 5.4cm, the suction cup diameter is about 8.5cm, and the overall length is about 23cm. One anal vibe+1 ​​remote control+1 charging carapple, a total of 3 points. With a suitable size, it can be used for beginners to advanced users. * Be sure to check the size before purchasing.

[7 types extension and vibration mode]: The vibration is transmitted to the back and gives an exquisite experience because a strong motor is built -in. By pressing the piston button, as well as the vibration, the piston can be automatically pistoned at a distance of 1.5 cm, so it is not only necessary to put it in by hand, but it can be used more easily, but it is also pistoned while vibrating. I feel so comfortable that I can't imagine the pleasure. With 7 types of expansion and vibration mode, switch as you like to enjoy many kinds of irritation.

[With a suction cup]: There is no gap between the possible insertion and the sucker, so the integrated sucker specification can be fixed firmly by pressing it on a smooth surface, so that both hands can be released and it can be used alone, but also the root is inserted at once. Even if it is not sandwiched between the inside, it is comfortable to use. Moreover, the sucker has a sufficient width, so you can prevent swallowing.

[Luxury material]: The outer layer has a sticky touch with a liquid silicon, and does not hurt inside. The inner layer has a built -in motor, so it is easy to insert without worrying that it is too soft to insert. With a mixture design with two colors, pink and white, not only ornamental, but also different visual stimuli! * It is a product produced by adding color to the raw material, and the pattern cannot be controlled. Please understand.

【Method of operation】:
1. Press and hold the power button on the main unit to be on standby. At that time, the lamp is lit.
2. When operating with the main unit, press the power button once in the waiting state to vibrate and piston. Press again and switch the mode. If you want to stop, press and hold for 3 seconds to turn off. At that time, the lamp turns off.
3. When operating with a remote control, make the main body first. Press and hold the power button on the remote control and turn on the remote control. At that time, the remote control lamp is lit.
4. Press the vibration/piston button to make a vibration/piston, and then press again to switch the vibration/piston mode. Press and hold the vibration/piston button to stop the vibration/piston. If you want to turn off, press the power button on the remote control to turn off, then press the power button on the body so that the lamp can be turned off.

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